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I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy for adults in Center City. My areas of interest include relationships, sexuality, and helping professionals avoid burnout. 




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Many of our greatest challenges have to do with our relationships, both with others and with ourselves. Therapy can help to explore and understand how we relate, including with partners, friends, and colleagues. 


Much of my clinical work has been on college campuses, including the counseling centers of University of Pennsylvania, La Salle University, and Brandeis University. The undergraduate years are often a vital time for understanding who we are independent of (and connected to) our families. 

first generation

The experience of being the first in one's family to enter a different world is an important one--whether that means the first to grow up in a new country, the first to go to college, or other ways. It often comes with a particular challenge--having to navigate situations without the guidance that many others can rely on.


Burnout is a serious problems for health care professionals, clergy, advocates, and others doing the challenging work of caring for others. I love helping people find ways to balance caring for others with caring for themselves. 


My training is in both clinical psychology and human sexuality. I help guide people through the many aspects of coming to understand sexual orientation, gender identity, and other sexuality and relationship interests.



There are many types of trauma that affect how we live and relate to others--ranging from the "big T" traumas like sexual assault to repeated "little t" traumas like being ignored or misunderstood. It is important to understand both how we are affected by these traumas, as well as how we can avoid being defined by them.


I have intensive training in helping people who are stuck in cycles of sexual behavior that are hard to change. In my work, I help people walk the difficult balance of understanding and accepting one's sexuality while learning how to express it in healthy ways.


The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.
— Rollo May, Ph.D.


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